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We support organisations who need focused, project-based forensic support with access to ISO17025 accredited laboratories for evidence examination as may be required.

If you have a project or need you would like to discuss, in the first instance please contact us. One of our team will contact you to discuss your case in confidence via a secure channel by appointment.

Forensic Response UK provides support with:


From the construction of mass-dissemination training packages for widescale distribution, to the delivery of bespoke specialised training packages, we can craft training solutions to meet the needs of the organisations that need our help.

Capacity building

The experience of our team puts them in the ideal position to assess an organisations current processes and structures and to advise them on programmes to combat any gaps or associated risks. Our risk assessment and gap analysis programme is complemented by either a documented improvement or in-house training according to need.

Strategic advice and solutions

We can assist with the review of existing forensic and operational strategies or write new ones according to need. We can advise on emerging technologies and assist in the provision of equipment together with the appropriate training. Our team is vigilant in searching for and assessing emerging threats in order to ensure that we are ready to offer organisations the best advice and operational support.


Our experts have extensive experience in operational deployments. If we identify significant skills gaps which hinder an organisation’s ability to deal with an incident, we are able to enhance their capacity from our team of trained experts.


The majority of the research that we fund is driven by a forensic need identified by one of our client organisations, such as a wildlife protection agency. We advertise a range of outline applied research topics available for grant applications, bursaries and sponsorships for post-graduates. We work primarily with King’s College London and Cranfield University who run forensic science post-graduate programmes.

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