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We are a not-for-profit CIC offering the support of our volunteer forensic scientific expert teams for those in need of our help.

FR-UK was formed to react to the identified need to provide volunteer expert forensic support to under resourced, ill equipped or inexperienced groups and organisations that are facing ever increasing challenges in dealing with both biocentric and humanitarian issues. In many cases the challenges from both of these areas merge to create even more serious and far-reaching challenges and consequences.

We uphold the values of biocentric aims and objectives, and we promote the preservation of biodiversity, animal welfare and protection of the environment.

Our work and research on biocentric challenges to endangered wildlife have identified dangers that could cross over from a threat to wildlife, to a threat to public health.

Documented research by combined teams from Sun Yat-sen University in Southern China, Princeton University and the University of Tennessee in the United States, in their report titled "Assessing the illegal hunting of native wildlife in China" has revealed that poaching “has the potential to foster zoonotic disease outbreak” and has the “potential to cause major losses of biodiversity and significant risks to public health.” They concluded that “one-quarter of traded mammals globally hosted three-quarters of known zoonotic viruses”.

Documented research by The Wildlife Justice Commission, in their report titled “Convergence of wildlife crime with other forms of organised crime” has reported in detail how those that benefit from the criminal proceeds of illegal wildlife smuggling and poaching will use those funds to diversify into other serious crimes that have a direct effect on increased human misery and suffering, such as people trafficking, drug dealing and prostitution.

It is vital for the welfare of those affected that like-minded individuals, groups and organisation that seek to detect and disrupt these illegal activities via the appropriate forensic method are given full support and education, and our teams at Forensic Response UK are well placed to provide this support.

If you have a project or need that you would like to discuss, in the first instance please contact us and one of our team will contact you to discuss your case in confidence via a secure channel by appointment.

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