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Tracy Alexander FKC

Tracy Alexander

Tracy’s career in forensic science started in 1992 with The Metropolitan Police Service Directorate of Forensic, initially in fingerprints and evidence recovery from crime scenes, Tracy soon progressed to murder investigations. Tracy became Head of the Forensic Intelligence Bureau and worked on multiple projects including the National Ballistics Intelligence Service and DNA search tools for mass fatalities. Currently Director of Forensic Services for a police force in the UK, Tracy is responsible for all their forensic evidence, research and development and has been involved in several significant operations as specialist in disaster victim identification and mass fatality events, including mortuary management for Grenfell.

Tracy is a Fellow of King’s College London, Immediate Past President of The British Academy of Forensic Scientists, an advisory panel member of Inside Justice and a member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Scientists. With a keen interest in applying forensic science to tackle wildlife crime, Tracy has led several training interventions in Africa to combat the illegal trade in rhino horn, ivory and pangolin scales.

Karl Harrison DSc PhD FSA MCIfA

Karl Harrison

Dr Karl Harrison was appointed as Forensic Specialist Adviser for the National Crime Agency in the UK in 2020. Before this, Karl worked as a Crime Scene Investigator and Manager and was the Founding Director and Lead Forensic Scientist for Alecto Forensics specialising in forensic ecology.

Karl is a senior academic at Cranfield University’s Forensic Science Institute and delivers disaster victim identification training for Crime Scene Investigators and Managers. With experience and knowledge of providing forensic support across more than a dozen national legislative systems, Karl has directed forensic science on some of the highest profile criminal investigations over the course of his 22 years’ career.

Jill McTigue-Battley MA (Cantab), MBA, CFE, CIRM - Director

Jill McTigue-Battley

Jill was Head of Intelligence at New Scotland Yard for the Serious Crime Directorate and has a broad range of experience as a Senior Investigating Officer specialising in Crisis Management and working in high-risk environments in the UK and overseas.

Jill is on the United Nations list of International Experts and works for a range of private and public sector clients to prevent and reduce the impact of crime leveraging several innovative and novel technologies.

Andrew Duffin FIPI - Director

Andrew Duffin

Andrew has over thirty years’ of experience as an Investigator and featured as an industry spokesman on the BBC Radio 4 programme, The Report. He was a Committee Member of the British Standards Institute panel responsible for BS102000 ‘The Provision of Investigative Services’.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Investigators, a qualified international investigator, and a past Member of the Council of International Investigators, the World Association of Detectives and the World Association of Professional Investigators.

Leadership Team & Senior Scientists


Gaille MacKinnon

Gaille MacKinnon is a Consultant Forensic Anthropologist and Archaeologist.

Gaille has worked in forensic archaeology and anthropology since 1998, when she was first deployed to the forensic mortuary and field teams of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Gaille has worked for several UK police forces and four forensic service providers including Alecto Forensics as co-owner and Director.

Gaille’s casework has included investigations of terrorist incidents, disaster victim identification, murder, suspicious and unexplained deaths, child abduction, historic child abuse, slavery and servitude, missing persons, and clandestine grave search, location, and excavation. Internationally this also includes war crime investigations, crimes against humanity and genocide, mass fatalities, transportation accidents and natural disasters.

In 2017, Gaille led the forensic anthropology team in the disaster victim identification process of the Grenfell Tower disaster in London.

Gaille passes on her skills and experience by training police officers, crime scene managers, investigators, forensic scientists, human rights professionals, and military personnel in forensic anthropology and archaeology. Most of this training covers the search, location, recovery, and anthropological analysis and identification of human remains. In addition, Gaille also delivers training in the utilisation of forensic ecology evidence types (botany, entomology, limnology, soil science) within major crime investigations.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

John was Consultant Forensic Scientist at the Government-owned Forensic Science Service before becoming Head of Digital Forensics at Key Forensic Services. Since John was appointed Managing Director of the Forensic Science Bureau, specialising in the Forensic Analysis and Interpretation of CCTV imagery.

John is International Strategies Programme Manager for Law Enforcement & Emergency Services in USA with responsibility for organising training in Forensic Video Analysis for Police CCTV Officers and has pioneered several novel improvement techniques that are now used globally.

John has been guest speaker at The National FBI Academy in Quantico USA and The University of Indianapolis Forensic Video Analysis Training Laboratory and trained with Law Enforcement throughout USA. Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and The British Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Lynne Hingley

Lynne Hingley

Lynne has broad experience in forensic science having worked with many of the UK's major Forensic Science providers over the last 25+ years. Her areas of expertise are forensic DNA analysis, including specialist methods and statistics, body fluid interpretation and sexual offence review.

Renowned for conveying complex matters in a straightforward manner, Lynne is regularly invited to deliver seminars to legal professionals to explain the complexities, strengths, and limitations of DNA evidence.

Lynne has built a strong reputation in delivering reports that meet the requirements of the criminal justice system and often acts as Expert Witness.

Jo Millington

Jo Millington

Jo's career as a forensic scientist began in 1996 initially working in major and critical incident investigation, most notably with the Forensic Science Service in London. Jo’s areas of expertise are bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), crime scene evaluation, body fluid & DNA interpretation, historic case review & animal forensics.

Jo pioneered the well-known and industry leading training programme in BPA for multi-agency practitioners worldwide. Jo collaborates with a wide range of academic institutions to support research and share best practice and has built a reputation for delivering balanced and comprehensive reports for the Crown and Defence.

Jo is a capable and dependable scientist and balances fee-earning with a strong portfolio of pro-bono work and engagement activities.

Andy Stevenson

Andy Stevenson

Andy Stevenson has been working in law enforcement since 1986. Between 1990 and 2016 he worked within the traffic department of Essex Police taking the lead in numerous multi vehicle fatal collisions. After qualifying as a forensic vehicle examiner he gave expert evidence at court on many major investigations. He also qualified as a detective, working on numerous homicides as part of the Major Investigation Team from 2007 to 2016.

In 2017 Andy joined the City of London Police as a CPIA disclosure officer at a time of many reviews and updated practices from the Attorney General. This has resulted in the review of numerous historical investigations and the introduction of many new policies and strategies at the City of London Police. Andy is now the lead disclosure officer in numerous high profile prosecutions and his work in this field has been recognised with numerous commendations from within the organisation and from trial judge HHJ Cahill (amongst others).

He is currently working with the cybercrime unit on another high profile case involving over 100 separate digital devices and has brought bespoke policies into place to manage this amount of data. He is key in implementing a change in procedures at the City of London Police in order that the review and presentation of fraud investigations can be shown to be fair to both the victims and the suspect.

Professor Emma Loosley Leeming

Professor Emma Loosley Leeming

Emma studied for a BA in History and History of Art at the University of York where she specialised in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. She then took an MA in Classical and Byzantine Art at the Courtauld Institute, University of London. It was during her MA that she discovered Late Antique Syria, which became the subject of her PhD thesis at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

In January 2004 she took up a position teaching Oriental Christian and Islamic Art at the University of Manchester and in 2010 she was appointed Senior Lecturer. During this time she was also a visiting lecturer at the Art University of Isfahan, Iran, the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia, the University of Tehran, the Teacher Training University of Tehran and the Amirkabir Polytechnic College, Tehran, Iran.

She joined the University of Exeter in April 2013 and from November 2012-November 2017 worked on a five-year European Research Council funded project entitled Architecture and Asceticism: Cultural Interaction between Syria and Georgia in Late Antiquity.

From 2018 until the present Emma has held an AHRC GCRF Networking Grant to work with the Georgian National Museum (GNM) on encouraging children from ethnic and religious minorities to engage with Georgian archaeology and history.

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