What we do

We provide forensic support services at an operational and strategic level to the public, private and charity sectors in the UK and worldwide. We provide this support at both a humanitarian level and a biocentric level, with those that work with endangered wildlife as follows:

  • Education and training relating to:
    • The detection and prevention of illegal poaching activities and the protection of the wildlife affected
    • The detection and disruption of the profiteering from illegal wildlife trade
    • The disruption and prevention of the illegal exportation of contaminated and illegally poached wildlife meat that could affect public health via the transmission of zoonotic viruses
    • The detection and disruption of the profiteering from illegal wildlife trade that allows for organised crime gang leaders to use the profits to diversify into illegal activity that has a direct bearing on human suffering
  • Evidence collection and retention
  • Forensic Investigations and procedures
  • Forensic Skills Training
  • Forensic infrastructure development
  • Live and Cold case reviews
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